Month: May 2018

5 Easy Tricks To Snap Out Of A Bad Mood Moods! They’re so unpredictable. I feel like my mood changes by the second. One moment happy, another moment hungry, one moment anxious, another moment in quiet despair.  Just today I was feeling completely out of it. There was no reason for this behavior. I had a relaxing 3 day weekend. I’ve been eating a healthy … 5 Easy Tricks To Snap Out Of A Bad MoodRead More »



Overcoming My Depression With Mindfulness I wish that I was told about Mindfulness when I was a child. It would have taught me coping skills I badly needed to deal with my emotional pain. Perhaps my twenties would have been a little nicer to me too! Ha. I’ve experienced depressive symptoms all of my life (i.e. sadness, isolation, irritability, hopelessness)…And …

discover here Overcoming My Depression With MindfulnessRead More »

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