5 Easy Tricks To Snap Out Of A Bad Mood

Moods! They’re so unpredictable. I feel like my mood changes by the second. One moment happy, another moment hungry, one moment anxious, another moment in quiet despair.  Just today I was feeling completely out of it. There was no reason for this behavior. I had a relaxing 3 day weekend. I’ve been eating a healthy diet. I did some yoga. I rested. Yet I couldn’t weather off the drowsy energy.


So how do we not fall victim to our mood swings? In the midst of my negative mood, I began using a few techniques that I like to suggest to my clients when they’re being bombarded by negative thinking.


First and foremost…


GET PRESENT- When we are in a mood, it usually consists of past or future thinking. We may be thinking about how we didn’t get enough sleep last night, or how we are not looking forward to a work conversation later in the day. When we are in a “moody” state of mind, it is easy to become susceptible to a whole line of negative thinking. Getting present, meaning, focusing on the here and now, the moment you are in RIGHT NOW, will eliminate much of that negative thinking.You’ll be left to deal with just what you are feeling in this moment, and therefore find it much easier to come up with a solution to your problem.


GRATITUDE- Give thanks! Once we begin to give thanks for the things that are going right in our life, it overcomes the feelings of negativity. Similar to that phrase, love conquers evil, this does just that.


SELF-AFFIRMATIONS- The practice of Behavioral Cognitive Therapy has been scientifically proven to change behavior by modifying the way we think! Self-affirmations, meaning positive self-talk, is an effective technique that when applied, it can begin to reframe the way we view a situation and most importantly, ourselves. So for example, if we’re in a critical mood, we can tell ourselves out loud “I am smart”, “I am capable”, “I am worthy”. The more you repeat these phrases, the more your brain will believe it to be true. I mean, it’s true anyway 😉


TREAT YOURSELF- Like a child who gets a lollipop after visiting the dentist, we too need a little pick me up on a down day. Treating ourselves to a delicious warm drink or any happy inducing delicacy of our liking, can serve as comfort.


PLAY SOME TUNES- Music is proven to be a form of therapy. The “mood” of the music is we listen to influences our perception. It’s all frequency. Therefore, if you want to calm down, perhaps play some classical music or something with soothing rhythms and harmonies. Youtube is great for “relaxing” music.


Applying any of these techniques when in an unwanted mood, will alter your behavior for the better. They are easy and enjoyable to do! Please comment below if you have any questions or personal recommendations for conquering moods!

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