One of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness is through photography. I feel as though photography enhances our natural observation skills and puts us in a position to be more in tune with our surroundings and/or our subject of focus.


Coloring is another form of meditation through action. It allows you to be in the present moment as you’re coloring the beautiful images that many of these adult coloring books provide.

Here’s a link to one I own: http://a.co/aLhu3H6


Cooking, for those who enjoy it, can be very therapeutic. I use my cooking time after work as a calming technique where I focus on exactly what I am doing in that very moment and nothing else…No other thoughts about my day or plans I need to make for the future, none of that. I focus primarily on the task at hand. Once you’re able to accomplish focusing only on the cooking process, you’ll be surprised with how meditation in action might suit you better.


It’s true what they all say, exercise makes you feel gooooood. So find something you love, try out a few things and see which one makes you feel good and less like an obligation. We personally love hiking. Not only is the exercise challenging, but it allows us to practice our breathing, makes us concentrate on each step, helps us focus on the now as opposed to the final destination and BEST PART OF ALL, we’re in nature.


I use a technique I read once in a book many years ago about using color association with emotions.

1.) When taking a deep breath in associate it with a soothing color to you, I usually picked white. As I breathed in I thought to myself, white reminds me of purity, calmness, tranquility, and so I close my eyes envision all those things and breath in that white air. (Approximately 5 seconds, hold…)

2.) As you breathe out do the same, associate a color with what you are trying to rid your body of. I chose black for my anxiety, my fears, the gross insecurities I felt, all the bad things in my mind, and slowly breathe out.

3.) Repeat this 5 times, and as many times throughout the day.


Music is a great source of meditation as it helps regulate emotion. The type of music you listen to has a direct effect on your mood. It can make you feel better or worse about your current situation. When I’m trying to meditate, I’ll listen to something soothing. “Tycho” is one of my favorite bands to listen to when I want to relax. Ayla and I also love to listen to “The Album Leaf” on Pandora. Another source for meditative music is YouTube. YouTube provides hours of continuous relaxing music to listen to. Just type “meditative music” and you will find numerous options. Find a place in your house to sit and try to concentrate only on the music playing for at least 10 minutes. You will find that it’s actually a hard task to do as our minds are constantly racing with thoughts. The practice here is to focus on just what you are listening to and surrender yourself to the tunes and how it makes you feel. You’ll find its very transformative. There are many therapy techniques today that focus on the therapeutic process of music and its healing effects. If you find it hard to concentrate in the beginning, don’t quit! It’s a practice.

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