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visit their website Born in the very diverse city of Los Angeles and daughter to two Brazilian immigrants, you can say I’ve developed a unique understanding of the world around me. The experiences that I was exposed to from an early age, has led to my multifaceted approach to life. Not only do I consider myself to be a Mental Health Therapist and Coach, but I am also a blogger, a photographer and jewelry maker. I love exploring new grounds, road trips with the boyfriend, cuddling my dog Thor and have developed a new obsession for audio books (they’re the best). Also, I’m excited to announce that I will be getting my motorcycle license in the next 2 months! I am an ultimate believer of stepping outside our comfort zones and tasting a little bit of everything that calls our attention.

my website Although we differ in experiences that have shaped us, my story is not so different from yours. How, you might ask? Because we all struggle with the same humanly emotions. Mindful Loving Project was designed to demonstrate this commonality that we all share. It’s purpose is to inspire and motivate you to become aware of self-imposed limitations that prevent you from growing and expanding into the self-realized person you were always meant to be.

site web Through much awareness and introspection, I have grown compassion for my pre-conditioned way of thinking. Between my parents teachings and the teachings of the world, I fell victim to it’s beliefs. I truly believed that their way was the right way, causing me to seek answers from the outside world, from people who had no idea of what was really best for me. My energy was directed in all of the wrong areas, causing me to literally self-destruct. It was only until I became aware of my repetitive patterns and ways of thinking, that I began to gradually take the steps in the right direction.

here I have spent the last decade helping myself and other’s break free from their personal limitations in order to create a life they love. In 2011, I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and in 2018 I received my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Los Angeles. These years were some of the messiest, painful and uncomfortable times of my life, however it was sorting through all of this shit (pardon my language), that I began to create space for bigger and better things. See, before the new can arise, the old must be complete. We can’t build on a rotten foundation. We need to clear up the crap and use new and better materials to hold our ground.  In order to find these “better materials” in which to build my foundation and guide other’s to build their’s, I sought out my own therapy, participated in personal development seminars, began crafting my skill as a therapist, meditating, learning astrology and the tarot, journaling, working with a spiritual coach, having honest conversations with the Universe and looking within for the answers to my questions. This meant, taking responsibility for my life in order to create a new one. 

i loved this Today, I am here to serve and guide you into your purpose using powerful tools that elicit true transformation.

What area’s in your life are you feeling stuck? Where do you keep committing the same mistakes? How do you want to be in life? What do you want to feel?

If you are ready to step up your game, let’s work together to make shift happen.

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