Born in the very diverse city of Los Angeles and daughter to two Brazilian immigrants, you can say I’ve developed a pretty unique way of understanding the world around me. The experiences that I was exposed to from an early age has led to my multifaceted approach to life. Not only do I consider myself to be a Mindset + Self-Love Coach, but I am also a psychotherapist, a blogger, a photographer and world traveler. I love exploring new grounds, learning new skills, collaborating with other like minded creatives and advocating all things mental health.

My passion for self-development (and sunshine) has led me to acquire a Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Hawaii and a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Los Angeles. These years of study were some of the messiest, painful and uncomfortable times of my life, as I was going through an emotionally challenging time and finally having the guts to face my reality…Because before the new can arise, the old must be complete. We can’t build on a rotten foundation. We need to clear up the junk and use new and better materials to hold our ground.  In order to find these “better materials”,  I sought out my own therapy, participated in personal development seminars, began crafting my skill as a therapist and coach, meditating, learning astrology and the tarot, journaling, working with various coaches, having honest conversations with the Universe and looking within for the answers to my questions. This was my way of taking responsibility of my life and creating a reality I truly love living in.

…Although we differ in experiences that have shaped us, my story is not so different from yours. How, you might ask? Because we all struggle with the same humanly emotions–None of us are immune to pain. Mindful Loving Project was designed to demonstrate this commonality that we all share. The purpose of my coaching services, blogs and courses are to inspire and motivate you to become aware of your self-imposed limitations and to harness mindfulness & self-compassion practices in order to thrive in all aspects of your life.

What area’s in your life are you feeling stuck? Where do you keep committing the same mistakes? Who do you want to be in life? How do you want to feel? Click here to find more info on 1:1 coaching with me.