Is Having A “Life Purpose” Overrated?

blog Up until yesterday, I fully believed that each and everyone of us had a purpose in life. But I’m just not so sure anymore. Yes, having a purpose serves as a huge motivator for us to take action and do what we need to do, but is it really necessary? For so long we’ve been …

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Prayer Is For Anyone

blog here   What are your thoughts on prayer? Do you believe only the religious can pray? Do you believe only the religious will be heard? Since I was a little girl, my grandma would tell me to pray to Jesus Christ and my angels. I had countless conversations with him, most of which consisted of me … Prayer Is For AnyoneRead More »

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How To Embrace The “Free Spirit” That Lives Within

I’ve had various people in my life categorize me as a “free spirit”. But by embodying this persona, I’ve never actually taken the time to observe it’s characteristics from an outside perspective…And because there are so many levels to what can be classified as a “free spirit”, I always felt as though the one’s that …

How To Embrace The “Free Spirit” That Lives WithinRead More »

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