“If you are happy for a reason, then that reason owns your happiness.” -Preston Smiles

For my first post here on Mind, I wanted to share with you an amazing motivator/inspirational speaker who speaks of so much truth! Preston Smiles is a messenger of love, REALLY. I’ve watched close to 15 of his videos in the last 2 weeks, and they are addictive. This video here is an interview with Success Insider and Preston Smiles on How To Love Yourself: The Secret of Happiness. Now I read many books and articles on How To Be Happy, I believe happiness and wholeness is what we are in search for. However, I’ve come to realize that all of these teachers explain the same thing: “Love yourself first”. Preston Smiles has a beautiful way in validating what we already know and furthering our understanding on how to become more self aware, to increase growth, to evolve, to receive love, to give love, and everything that involves loving oneself. You must watch!

♥ Jess

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