How To Embrace The “Free Spirit” That Lives Within

I’ve had various people in my life categorize me as a “free spirit”. But by embodying this persona, I’ve never actually taken the time to observe it’s characteristics from an outside perspective…And because there are so many levels to what can be classified as a “free spirit”, I always felt as though the one’s that were more wild than me, were more deserving of such a title. I truly feel as though we are all free spirits, living within the constraints of our bodies and minds. We came to this world as a limitless energy force, and we shall leave this world just the same. 

So how can we become more in tune with our wild nature? Below, I have listed three steps that I believe are fundamental to living a more liberating life. Observing myself from an external perspective, I have taken note on some key elements that can be of help in tuning in with the “free spirit” that lies within you. 

Identify your constraints to living more adventurously – Fear is often the reason why we don’t act on our desires. And although I have many fears in different areas of my life, I have always been adventurously impulsive, if you wish to call it that. I never thought I’d be speaking of my impulsiveness in a positive light, so this is a pretty enlightening moment for me right now, but I can honestly say that this action oriented behavior has taken me to many places I would have never experienced if I were to listen to my more logical side. Yes, I’ve experienced pain, loss, and have put my life in harms way, but I am still alive and kicking, with tons of stories to tell and a soul that is itching to taste more.

Ways in which you can manifest the “free spirit” within:

  • Hopping into your car and taking a random road trip.
  • Booking a solo ticket to a new place (the further the better).
  • Go on hike by yourself
  • Talk to strangers
  • Say yes to new opportunites
  • Jump off a cliff
  • Do more activities alone
  • Go out on a whim
  • Be more unpredictable!

…Basically, do anything that scares/excites the shit out of you! By challenging your fears and overcoming them, you are stepping into a freer you. Step away from your predictability, and into the unpredictable. 

“Free Spirit” is a mindset – Being a “free spirit” doesn’t only entail making more action oriented/whimsical choices, it’s also a mindset. “Free spirits”, in my personal opinion, are open-minded, flexible, curious and non-judgmental. They go with how they feel, and not so much with what they think. One way to to tap into this “free spirit” mindset is to:

  1. Identify where you are most judgmental, stubborn, inflexible, and afraid. 
  2. Ask yourself why you may be so uptight in these areas. Is it a need for control? Were these views inherited from your parents, friends or society? What are you so afraid of? Our belief system comes from years of collecting information from our environment. So much of what we believe bonds us to what we think is so, and therefore separating us from the rest of the world, never allowing us to experience anything else then that which we know. We miss out on life this way. Thinking that our way is the only way limits our experiences, and therefore living opposite to that of a “free spirit”. 
  3. Now that you have identified what thoughts or beliefs you are most tied to, I ask that you let it go. Allow yourself to be “the observer” of life, and not “the knower.” Listen to people without judgment, but with curiousity and inquiry instead. Don’t be afraid of new information, it’s not going to kill you, it will only help expand your already limitless mind. 

Trust your might –  By challenging your body and your mind, you are learning that you are more resilient than you think, thus increasing your self-confidence. Giving ourselves the opportunity to grow and expand is crucial in embracing the “free spirit” that lives within. Listening to how you feel, more so then how you think, is acting on your souls behalf, rather than the conditioned responses you’ve learned from being human. Take what other people say with a grain of salt, and if your heart is calling out for something, experience it for yourself.

You are much more magical than you think. Make room in that crowded head of yours for new information and new experiences. Allow yourself to grasp the concept that nothing is what it seems, and that there is no definite in life. Create your own path in life.

Good luck on your journey!

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