Minimalism is a new concept for me. It doesn’t only apply to materialistic objects, but also to relationships and anything that does not add value to our lives. Ultimately, we all just want to feel whole. And we are told to believe by society that to feel better about ourselves, to feel worthy, to feel like a somebody, we need this or we need that, and that more is better. But in the end, we’re not actually fulfilled, and the continuous cycle of collecting more of what we don’t need, adding more debt, more clutter more anxiety, continues on…until we realize that these “things” or these relationships serve no purpose in our lives and are actually draining.
For those of you that want to learn more about minimalism and how it’s brought genuine happiness to individuals that apply this concept in their lives daily, you should take a gander at this documentary. You can also follow “The Minimalists” blog, which is awesome.

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