Between both of our schedules, sometimes it gets tough to get together. But when a 3-day weekend comes along, we manage to fit at least one adventure in. Over the past year, we have had some pretty awesome road trips, from the deserts of Southern California to the forests of Northern California. The best part is that sometimes we manage to do it in one day! How do we do it? Luckily, we live in a city that is centrally located to the mountains, the ocean and the desert. We google “must see places” or “cool destinations” around our city, and then we choose the location we want. You will be surprised with how many neat places you will discover around your area, especially now that adventuring is becoming more sought out. What about the cost? We split the gas between us both and make sure we budget our money for food. Luckily for us, photography doesn’t cost a thing, so we don’t spend much money on other activities. By having the intention of looking for cool things to photograph, it motivates us to explore our surroundings more than usual. Photography is definitely a great, inexpensive and fun hobby to have!

Starting from the furthest destination in California, was a 3 day road trip to Big Sur, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sonoma and ending in Orland (for a friend’s wedding). On the way back home, we took a pit stop to Berkeley (home to one of my favorite pizza places EVER, Artichoke Basille). That’s another thing we recommend—If you are already traveling a long distance, make sure to plan out cool locations to stop by on the way!

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur – The iconic waterfall that meets the ocean
Santa Cruz Pier
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Sonoma Wine County
Wedding in Orland
The famous artichoke pizza in Berkeley 🙂

Another day trip we took was to the most bizarre yet awesome place we’ve ever been to, Salvation Mountain. What a trip! It took us about 3 ½ hours to finally reach our destination. It’s literally located off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. A man named Leonard Knight created this visionary environment covering a hill deep in the desert. The artwork is made up of straw, adobe, and thousands of gallons of lead free paint. This place is 100% worth the visit. We actually made a short video of our trip that you can check out below!

(Salvation Mountain)

Only 2 hours from home on a whim we once decided to see what cool things Santa Barbara County had to offer, and boy did we find a cool spot. We ended up on a hike to an abandoned mansion in the Santa Barbara hills with the most stunning view of the valley. The scenery was breathtaking. It gave us a feeling of endless possibilities that the world has to offer. If you’re in the area, make sure to check out Knapp’s Castle. You can see our entire road trip there in our video below!

(Knapp’s Castle)

Last but not least, always a goodie, MALIBU… Little Dume is a beautiful beach tucked away at the edge of Malibu, right before Zuma Beach. Once you make it out there, check out Neptune’s Net at Venture County Line for some fresh seafood and delicious fish and chips!

(Little Dume Beach, Malibu)



  1. I like how you edit the videos. And thanks for the tips. If someone just sees the videos they might think it’s very costly but after reading your blog it seems pretty doable! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you! It’s what we’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to be a pro or have a crazy expensive camera, you just have to go out pick a place, grab some friends and have fun with it.

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